Event Report Card: EDP Cascais Girls Pro

See what made the grade at the final event on the 2013 ASP Women’s World Championship Tour.
Sally Fitzgibbon's Big Fan © ASP
By Brian Roddy

Waves: C. It was OK, we suppose. We can’t say it was any worse than some of the other events. But maybe it’s time for the ASP to tighten up the bolts here. With stops at Rio, Huntington Beach and Fitzroy on the preciously short eight event tour, we’d love for the Women’s World Championship tour to become a bit more dreamy. Let’s see it, 2014.

Party: A+. The best thing about the women’s tour is that it’s just one big fellowship. It’s quite a small group of ladies on there, which makes for some close-knit friend groups. The last event is kind of like the last day of school. Some gals, like Sofia Mulanovich, are moving on and the tour will be damned if that goes without a party. Plus, when you toss a world title in the mix you know the bubbly stuff will be pouring down the hatches.

Surfing: A. The only reason this doesn’t have a little + attached to it is because of the surf. The ladies were ripping on the waves they got, but they were never really given a chance to show their true colors. We still saw glimmers of beauty though.

Claims: B. Not the best we’ve seen, not the worst we’ve seen. Carissa’s world title celebration was fun, but we’re not sure if you can call that a claim. It’s just mandatory at that point — can’t win a world title and catch one in like nothing ever happened.

Overall: A. The EDP Pro was a good end to a great year. If the rate of progression continues at this pace, expect girls to be stomping air revos at next year’s EDP classic.

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