By The Numbers: EDP Cascais Girls Pro

Wrapping up the last contest of the year and reflecting on all the big numbers of 2013.
Carissa wins 2013 World Title
Laura Enever, A Fan ©
By Brian Roddy

74%: Of the world pulling for Carissa heading into the event

3:1: Vegas’ odds for Tyler Wright winning the world title heading into the event (Exotic wagering)

3527: Smiles Carissa flashed in the hour proceeding her World Title win

0: Bad words Carissa used in her post-title interviews (Take not, sailors)

14.70: Carissa’s average heat score in 2013

14.51: Tyler’s average heat score (Yeah, it was that close of a year)

19.43: Carissa’s highest heat total in 2013

18.43: Tyler’s highest heat total in 2013

$90,500: Carissa’s 2013 winnings (Not bad for 8 events, eh?)

8: World titles we predict Carissa will win (Don’t you dare doubt it)

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