Eddie Will Not Go; Mavericks Might

The possibility of big-wave contests as a massive swell looks to hit Hawaii and California hard.
Mavericks Invitational at Half Moon Bay
Mavericks Invitational © Loren Carpentier
By Brian Roddy

If you were to check one particularly reliable surf forecasting website's Hawaiian outlook, you'd see the prediction of 40-50+ foot surf on tap for Wednesday. It's funny, really — seeing such big, bold numbers like that written so nonchalantly. But they're there, and there's a mutant of a swell in the North Pacific that backs those odds like any other safe bet. So 40-50+ it is.

Numbers like that get people talking. And over the past few days, all the buzz has been centered around the best two events in big-wave surfing — the Eddie Aikau and the Mavericks Invitational. The Eddie, held at Waimea Bay, isn't on the Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) but it awards arguably the most prestigious title in our sport. The Mavericks Invitational is on the BWWT and it could be considered the crown jewel of the tour. And with a swell like this, could the Eddie run? What about Mavericks? Both?

Unfortunately, after a few days of murmurs and a statement that declared a 50/50 chance of the event running, the Eddie has officially been called off. The North Shore is expected to have funky wind and weather conditions when the swell peaks on Wednesday, which would make the competition severely challenging and risky. And so the Eddie won't go.

Meanwhile, at Mavericks, no official statement has been released regarding the possibility of the contest running when the swell arrives on Friday. But little birdies have been chirping left and right and there is a pretty good chance of an affirmative call being made soon. After all, the Central California coast has been experiencing sunny, windless conditions for the past few days. And those are precisely the type of conditions that a 40-50+ foot swell loves.

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