Interview: Carlos Muñoz on everything

Our delightfully topical conversation with the best surfer in the history of Central America.
Carlos Munoz
A Photo We Love: Carlos Munoz Stalefish © Tom Carey/
By Brian Roddy

Ever since the roaring 1970s, Costa Rica has been one of the world’s premier surf destinations.

The coastline of the Central American nation has transformed from a humble string of fishing villages to a boisterous international tourist attraction. And while hoards of the earth’s best surfers have spent some time in Pura Vida land, the nation hadn’t produced any world-class surf talent of its own. Then came Carlos Muñoz.

The 21-year-old Carlos is currently one of the world’s most exciting surfers. His modern combinations of airs, power turns and a little bit of that Costa Rican flair have gathered quite a bit of attention. He’s versatile, too – the kid will win a heat one day and nail a cover shot the next. We called the burgeoning celebrity to get his thoughts on a few things. Namely…

On qualifying for the WCT: It’s been my dream ever since I started surfing. But, in reality, it’s really hard. Everybody is surfing at such a high level! But this year, I’ve got some good boards and am feeling really confident in my surfing. We’ll see how it goes.

On freesurfing: I’m always thinking about freesurfing – contemplating what’s possible and what more can be done on a wave. I get into rhythms where I’m feeling good and try to land bigger airs and seeing how far I can push it. It’s so fun! I’m definitely still focusing on freesurfing this year.

On travel: It can be difficult, and I find myself missing home at times. It can be hard to be so far away from your family, your friends and your country.  But at the end of the day, it just makes me appreciate my opportunities even more and try harder.

On the next generation of Costa Rican surfers: We have some amazing kids that are ripping in Costa Rica. In a couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these kids started blowing up. Only time will tell.

On life: I think the most important thing you can do is follow your dreams. You have to realise that we have only life and it goes by faster then what we think! Never stop dreaming and pursuing! Always give your best, always give your all.

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