Hawaii doesn’t disappoint on unofficial opener

The curtain opens to reveal thrilling waves as the North Shore season kicks off in solid style.
By Chris Binns

Spanning a prime, two CTs and the world junior championships, Portugal somehow was fleetingly the capital of the surfing world recently. And, hell, the waves responded in kind and we were all pleasantly surprised by a relatively unknown corner of the surfing world's charms. 

Now though, we're back in Hawaii, and it feels like regular transmission has resumed. The swell came to the party as the Triple Crown opened yesterday, though as these photos from Ryan Miller and Trevor Moran will attest the best of the action was to be found at the infamous Off The Wall to Pipeline stretch. "A pretty perfect day to kick off the Hawaiian season," mused Miller, "so happy." Enough of the words, please, soothe your eyes in some fresh South Pacific salt, shot by our two maestros for your viewing pleasure.

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The layperson’s view
Off The Wall empty lineup
The layperson’s view It’s easy to sit at home and check out photos from the North Shore and think, “yeah, I'd tackle that.” Then you see an image like this, shot from towel level, of an empty eight-foot grenade about to detonate in three feet of water a dozen feet from the sand, and your bravado backs off a little. © Trevor Moran
Steep and deep
Oliver Kurtz Pipe bomb
Steep and deep Whereby Oliver Kurtz swings straight off the tarmac and late into a Second Reef Pipe growler. © Trevor Moran
Cali loves it
Carlos Munoz Pipeline speed blur speed run
Cali loves it Carlos Munoz has not only been on a tear in the jersey he’s been killing the freesurfs too. Sliding into a sick Ryan Miller speed run, speed blur at Pipeline as the season roars to life. © Ryan Miller
Jeremy Flores is here
Jeremy Flores Backdoor Driving
Jeremy Flores is here And the 2010 Pipe Master is hell bent on salvaging a nightmarish season. Thankfully for the Frenchman-via-a-bunch-of-tropical-islands he thrives in heavy water, and is champing at the bit to get stuck in. © Ryan Miller
Dooma... doomed?
Damien Hobgood Deep At Pipeline
Dooma... doomed? Damien Hobgood is a mild mannered Floridian best known for petulant displays in obnoxious waves. Medium sized Pipeline is child’s play for the Chopes and Cloudbreak champ, and pulling into closeouts is no big thing. © Ryan Miller
O-Wright is all right
Owen Wright Staunch At Pipeline
O-Wright is all right Owen Wright has been surfing Pipe since he was a Rip Curl wildcard at 16, and he’s been getting bombs since day one. The winner of this year’s AI Award in Tahiti is so far from scared he gets a demented smile on while deep inside waves of consequence. Dark horse for the Pipe comp? You know it. © Ryan Miller
JOB making media
Jamie O'Brien surfing Pipeline on Hawaii's North Shore
JOB making media Jamie O’Brien is not afraid of the camera. He loves it about as much as he loves the wave in his front yard, Pipeline. On what he considers fun days it’s time to get productive; the GoPro comes out and Jamie shoots stills and movies for the wild account that is @whoisjob. Go give him a follow today. © Trevor Moran
Big Bru blazing in the brine
Jordy Smith sunset Pipeline drainer
Big Bru blazing in the brine According to our scribe Derek Rielly, “the only thing Jordy Smith has on his mind is getting better. And winning. And doing it with a smile. ‘Nothing's impossible,’ he says, ‘I don't like to structure myself’.” Rest of the field beware come Pipe Masters time. © Trevor Moran
Looks can be deceiving
Empty sunset Pipe monster
Looks can be deceiving Although it’s pretty as hell this wave will kill you barehanded in a second. Much safer to Instagram it and get a million likes. Not this shot though, Trevor wouldn’t like that, take your own. © Trevor Moran
Welcome to the North Shore, now get out there
Julian Wilson first surf check for the season
Welcome to the North Shore, now get out there Such is the life of an A-list pro surfer. Julian Wilson has made no secret of his desire to take the Triple Crown by the scruff of the neck every year, and in 2014, while somehow sitting on the requalification bubble, nothing has changed. Go get ’em lad. © Ryan Miller
No country for small boards
Julian Wilson readies his weapons
No country for small boards Solid waves call for solid equipment. Julian and his JS’s suit the bill nicely. © Ryan Miller
Julian Wilson dancing in the dark
Julian Wilson Pipeline scoop
Julian Wilson dancing in the dark All the study pays off as J-Dub finds a perfect Pipe wedge and scoops smooth off the bottom to close out a pretty damn decent day on the North Shore. © Trevor Moran
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