Schooling South America’s future surf stars

World champ Sofia Mulanovich has set up an elite surf camp for Peruvian young guns who rip.
Sofia Mulanovich's scouting camp for young Peruvian surfers
The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich © Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich
By Derek Rielly

You know Sofia Mulanovich, right? The Peruvian won the world title back in 2004, a year when she scooped up half of the events in which she competed. In 2007, the electric natural-footer became the first South American to be inducted into the Surfers' Hall of Fame.

So, when Brazil's Gabriel Medina won the men's world title in December and there was noise that he was South America's first champ, well, he wasn't. Not by 10 years.

But Sofia was always more than competition and has always been deeply connected to her country and her people. This January, Sofia has opened the doors to her beach house in Punta Hermosa, Peru.

It's part of a project to hone the skills of young rippers and school them in, "environmental protection, healthy living and fair play."

The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich is a three-year programme that combines top-level, competitive surf training with life lessons. The 10 residents were selected from 67 hopeful applicants.

For four days, the little shredders fought it out for one of the coveted spots. Dog eat dog, baby! There's one lesson for y'all!

”My aim is to give the Proyecto members the very best support, through my team, so they can grow and develop and seize life’s opportunities," says Sofia.

The kids, aged from 10 to 15, will spend their time training in the beachbreak wedges in front of the house, monitored by banks of cameras with the footage analysed back at the house.

But after the surf there's schooling and there's the life lessons.

The idea is for the kids to emerge with not just their surf skills polished, but as better human beings.

It's an elegant and classy touch.

Find out more about Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich here.

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