Indian Ocean mega swell erupts at The Right

The Indian Ocean’s swell of the century hits Western Australia and erupts at WA’s infamous slab.
By Brian Roddy

We've all heard the catchy titling. All the click baity ways to describe what just happened in the Indian Ocean. Most were Point Break-esque in their articulation. Some, Bodie himself would have been proud to hang his hat on. To think, the 50 year storm Swayze's character so mystically prophesied, come to life...

The photos went everywhere. No corner of the internet left unturned. Lots of "best ever" claims. And though we're not bold enough to throw that sort of classification on this clip you’re about to lock into, we will say (in the classic, understated Red Bull way) it was certainly very good and very, very big at WA's favourite death slab. Filmer, Tim Bonython, even went so far as to say the wave at 02:52 is "the biggest wave surfed there"... ever.

So, here (and we hope we didn't hype it too much with that last comment). Feast on the first instalment of "Filmers@Large", a new programme we've set up – a global network of filmers in key regions who can react quickly to standout swells, providing timely coverage around the world – with the hope it provides you more goodies like the three-plus minutes above in the back half of the year. Enjoy.

Mark Mathews
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