Watch Pico Alto maxing out

The Peru crew unholster their nine-footers and take down South America’s latest XL paddle swell.
By Chris Binns

One swell, two countries. You saw the results of last week's South Pacific push when it hit Chile here, in our previous edition of Filmers@Large.

Now bear witness to the exploits of the Peruvian pack of maniacs who linked up with the same serve of low-pressure power a short hop over the border to the north.

Gabriel Villarán, naturally, led the charge, but the lesser knowns are by no means lesser beasts in the brine. Alvaro Moran, Andres Zignago, Fabio Castagnino, Joaquín del Castillo, Roger Velasco and Sebastian de Roma, take a bow.

If carnage is your thing, you're sure gonna enjoy yourself at the minute mark, while the rest of us shudder. Jose Madalengoitia is our man on camera duties in Peru, and he's delivered the good stuff here.

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