Watch Tom Curren’s free-form exploration of France

Episode 1 of a three-part series exploring the unique lives of surfers who call the Old World home.
By Andrew Lewis

For surfers, Europe has always been a destination that offers promise of something more than simply wave riding. The remnants of eras long past often stand right at the water’s edge, defying the ocean’s penchant for constant, radical change. Unsurprisingly, such an environment inspires Europe’s sons, daughters, and lifelong visitors to foster unique approaches to the act and art of surfing.

In the first instalment of our Made In Europe series, Southern California-based filmmaker Matt Payne visits Hossegor, France, where he spends time with Tom Curren.

Tom Curren, from funboard to skim in one drop © Xavier Renaudin/Royan Glisse

Curren, a three-time world champ, first visited France in 1980 as a young pro, and has been an on-again, off-again resident ever since. Payne follows Curren as he explores the French coast, catches up with old friends, and experiments with all manner of finless craft, from lopped-off soft-tops to skimboards.

“It’s really fun to be able to go and create virtually anything you can think of, surfing-wise,” Curren says. “And I don’t feel uncomfortable about it.”

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