Jamie O’Brien scores big in mainland Mexico

JOB likes nothing more than huge beachbreaks, and this Sessions edit answers his demands handsomely.
By Chris Binns

Get in the truck with Jamie O'Brien as he hitches on his ski and heads south of the border to mainland Mexico in search of massive waves and XXL thrills. As well as towing into some monstrous mountains of water, O'Brien's rail game is on full display as he goes blow-for-blow with a chunky Pacific beachbreak, throwing down all manner of precise power surfing along the way.

Naturally, because it's JOB and that's what he does, there are plenty of hijinks and hilarity to counter all the hardcore shred action. The inflatables come out as O'Brien and pals toy with 20-foot waves, inbetween owning them the more traditional way.

Jamie O'Brien feeling right at home and standing tall in a barrel at Pasquales.
Jamie O'Brien, Locked In © Dave Nelson

Pull up your favourite beach chair and settle in for a fast few minutes of fun, because this Jamie O'Brien clip is hotter than Mexican black sand at midday. Enjoy.


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