Enjoy perfect Teahupo’o putting on a show

Tahiti turns on for a hardcore crew of chargers and challengers.
By Chris Binns

It hadn't been the wildest year of waves at Teahupo'o in Tahiti in 2016, so when a late-season swell showed up on the radar a crazy collection of characters made the trek to the End Of The Road to tackle it head-on.

A crew of up-and-coming local young guns like Matahi Drollet, Matehau Tetopata and Manutea Tahimanarii showed they're quickly turning into top dogs at Chopes.

Tikanui Smith held things down for the establishment, while the foreign legion consisted of everyone from South African-turned-Hawaiian tube pig Benji Brand, and North Shore chargers like Nathan Fletcher, Danny Fuller and Evan Valiere.

Fourteen year old surfer gets barrelled at Teahupoo
Matahi Drollet – Teahupoo © Ted Grambeau

As generally seems to be the way when waves of consequence break in the world, our man Tim Bonython – Swell Chasers was right there to caption the action, and pull together this stirring edit.

Never one to stay in the same place for too long, Tim was involved in a scary incident in huge surf off Victoria, Australia, soon after flying home from Tahiti.

Tim, on behalf of the whole surfing community we want to express how glad we are that you're in one piece, and thank you for all of your valiant efforts recording surfing history over the years. Cheers to you!


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