Watch an early, roaring return for Nazaré

Portugal opens up the 2016-17 big-wave winter with a bang.
By Andrew Lewis

You might have thought that after the monumental big-wave season the Northern Hemisphere had last winter, the ocean would get off to a sleepy start this winter. Not so. We refer you to Exhibit A: Nazaré featured in the clip above and the photos below.

Last week, while the 2016 world tour season was coming to a dramatic climax one hour down the road in Peniche (congrats John John!), one of the world's most exciting big waves was also hitting high drama. Veteran surf filmer, Alex Laurel, and photographer, Bruno Aleixo, were focusing on Andrew Cotton, Carlos Burle, Jamie Mitchell, Sebastian Steudtner, Lucas Chumbinho, Alex Botelho, and other coldwater chargers who've made a habit in recent years of not missing a single big swell at Naz.

Let's hope that this late October swell is the first of many at Nazaré – and across the globe in the Pacific Ocean. (The North Shore has already seen a solid opening day at Pipeline.) But back at Naz and elsewhere in Europe, Alex and Bruno will be on watch, ready to bring us more big-wave goodness throughout the winter. Buckle up, folks.


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