Welcome to the wild world of Mason Ho

Mason Ho is the clown prince of the North Shore. Thrill to his greatest hits right here.
By Chris Binns

What more is there that can be said about Mason Ho that you don't know already know? Ho grew up at Sunset Beach as North Shore royalty; his dad Mike is still the man at Pipe, his uncle Derek was Hawaii's first ever world champ, and his sister Coco is a mainstay on the women's world tour.

Ho's the guy who once said, "I don't lose heats, I just occasionally run out of time," and coined Red Bull Surfing's Instagram ethos of surfing loud and talking soft in a Made In Hawaii episode we dedicated to surfing's ambassador of fun.

Enough of the talk, whether loud or soft, let's cut to the chase about Ho. His close friend and longtime filmer, Rory Pringle, hit us up recenty with an offer we couldn't refuse – a Raw edit of Ho's finest from the past year or so.

Ho sends it everytime he hits the water, he sees walls and wedges where most see whitewater and wipeouts, and no matter how hard he hits, he pops up smilling. Goodwill and good waves are all that matter to Mr. Ho, and we can't support that setniment strongly enough.

You like big moves, bigger waves, incredible aerials and many, many spectacular spills? You've come to the right place. Press play now, and try not to hoot too loud at the screen.


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