Take one last look at an epic year in surfing

That’s a wrap for 2016. Here are some of our greatest hits.
By Andrew Lewis

A great story is all about great bookending: starting on a high point and ending on a high point. Luckily for us in the world of surfing, that's exactly how 2016 unfolded.

From El Niño bombs at Jaws in February to midnight sessions under Norway's northern lights in December, it's all packed into the edit above, brought to you by some of the world's best surfers – guys like Mick Fanning and Jamie O'Brien, Anthony Walsh and Mason Ho.

Of course, great surfers need to team up with great filmers, and this year, we tapped some of the best, including Jacob Wooden, Matt Kleiner, Alex Laurel, and Maui Media Cartel. Take one last look at the year that was, and then buckle up for an epic 2017.

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