Venture into Irish slab country

Enjoy these seven cold, shallow ones from the wilds of Ireland.
By Andrew Lewis

Lately, it's been an all Hawaiian affair in the surf world. Of course, we're not complaining – how can you when you've got guys like Jamie O'Brien and Mason Ho standing centre stage?

We thought we'd mix things up this week however with a little dispatch from the Emerald Isle.

Filmer Chris McClean recently followed Conor Maguire and Noah Lane into Irish slab country for a few cold, shallow ones. The Atlantic, as she always does in Ireland, did not disappoint.

Surfer Conor Maguire surfing a slab of cold Atlantic surf on the coast of Ireland
Irish slab perfection © Chris McClean

So while the waves may still be firing over in Hawaii, how about a quick nod to the chilly parts of the world? And stay tuned for more work from McClean because he's just pulled off another Atlantic Ocean mission that we'll be bringing to you very soon. 


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