Can you ever get enough North Shore?

See the moment when the Hawaiian season officially kicked into high gear.
By Andrew Lewis

In the last couple weeks, things have gotten silly on the North Shore. So silly, in fact, that you might've forgotten that the waves got pretty lousy in December. But you definitely forgot that the start of Hawaii's mad season actually got off to a banging start. The edit above is a lovely refresher for your brains.

Who Is JOB? filmer Damien Robertson has been, as usual, lounging in that iconic North Shore sand, rolling tape the whole damn time, capturing world-class best tube riders like Gavin Beschen, Kiron Jabour, Mike Ho, and Brett Barley do their thing on their favourite wave: Pipeline.

Surfer Brett Barley in the middle of a bottom turn at big Pipeline
Digging in © Ryan Miller

So before you get lost in the barrage of enormous swell that's pouring into Hawaiian waters as we speak, why not take a moment to remember how it all began this season? Then click here to jolt yourself back to the present.


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