Noa Deane in Mexico is as spicy as surfing gets

The world's wildest freesurfer heads south of the border with sizzling, if not surprising, results.
By Chris Binns

Noa Deane is surfing's hottest property. Or at least he was until the first few days of 2017, when his big fluorescent Rusty sticker morphed into a Volcom Stone and surfing's worst kept secret was let out of the bag as its biggest bidding war was officially closed.

Before switching teams Noa left us with this epic three-minute cut from Mexico, expertly edited by Shane Fletcher and served with a healthy helping of garage punk from Noa's Californian mates The Rooms. It features modern surfing at its finest, above and below the coping. Noa tackles sections most would shy away from, flies over the lip where most would cut and run.

Why is Noa so damn popular, and why was he so keenly fought over? After watching the clip above you won't need our help to answer that, but the Gold Coast kid's incredible repertoire on rail and in the air, his general rebellious sensibilites, and a resume that includes closing Kai Neville's last major release, Cluster, would all have seen him in good stead come contract time.

Want to watch a surfer at the peak of his powers taking to the world's best pointbreaks and putting on a masterclass in modern performance? Of course you do. Hit play now and soak up the show.


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