Thrill to 90 seconds of Nazaré at its nasty best

An cosmopolitan crew assemble for surfing’s biggest show, a Nazaré swell in the shadow of Christmas.
By Chris Binns

These days all it takes is the rumour of a Nazaré swell and surfers from around the world flock to the tiny Portuguese fishing town of Praia do Norte, hoping to catch the biggest wave of their life, or paddle into a ground-breaking bomb.

Such was the case in the days before Christmas last year, when Sebastian Steudtner and Andrew Cotton flew the flag for the tow brigade and Alex Botelho, Zac Haynes and Tom Lowe tackled the beastly triangles barehanded for the purists as Nazaré revealed her raw side once again.

Surfer drops into a big left on opening day at Nazaré Portugal
The blue slopes of Nazaré. Sebastian Steudtner. © Bruno Aleixo

As always, Alex Laurel was manning the sticks to roll tape and record the day for Red Bull. Perched high over the break in the famous old fort, Alex yet again captured the goods for us, and whipped up this racy 90-second edit for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Andrew Cotton
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