Soli Bailey is the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro champ

The first Australian to ever win the Pipe Pro slayed all the giants on his way to victory.
By Josh T. Saunders

Byron Bay doesn't look much like the North Shore of Oahu, yet Soli Bailey somehow still seemed right at home.

From start to finish in the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro, Bailey advanced through every heat without making too much noise – a silent assassin. He was consistent and smart in the lineup throughout the event, yet not many on the beach recognised his name as he paddled out for the Final. After his performance, that'll no longer be a problem on the North Shore.

Bailey's well-rounded style and skill set lent itself to the shifting sands at Pipe perfectly, and it paid off in the Final. He came into the heat as the underdog, matched up against a fellow young gun in Griffin Colapint as well as the experience of Bruce Irons and Adriano De Souza. He established a rhythm early and was first to strike, leaving the rest of the boys trying to catch up. They never did.

Australia's Soli Bailey celebrates winning the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro surf contest on Oahu, Hawaii
Soli Bailey, the King of Kings © Casey McPerry

The event spanned all but one day of the two-week waiting period, and over the course of the four days of competition, we saw many different versions of Pipe. Shifting swells, winds and storms meant that in order to make it out of the pack of 112 to be the lone survivor, you had to bring a versatile attack to the lineup. For Soli Bailey, that's how Pipe was won.

For a look at the full coverage of the event, visit the Volcom Pipe Pro page to catch every angle from our time on the North Shore. And if you missed a single heat of the Volcom Pipe Pro, catch every one of them on-demand with the Red Bull TV Heat Analyzer.

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