Enjoy the show as Kolohe Andino warms up for 2017

An off-season spent scoring at home has Kolohe Andino ready for the best year of his career.
By Josh T. Saunders

Kolohe Andino, the tow-headed San Clemente blue chipper you’ve been watching surf for over a decade, has had world title aspirations since he was 10, stacking NSSA trophies in Southern California.

But the path to the top proved to be a steep one. His first four years on the World Tour saw him finish well outside of the top 10, marred by inconsistent results and frustrated finishes along the way.

Then in 2016, something changed. A balance of skill, strategy and mental strength finally clicked, and Andino surfed his way to finish fourth in the world.

That’s the main thing for me in 2017, just to stay in the water a lot and surf a ton.

Kolohe Andino

The progress was positive, but the desire for more remains. Andino’s got three more spots to climb, and he’s in the best shape of his young career to do so.

Ramping up to his 2017 campaign Andino spent his off-season settled at home in San Clemente and scoring in every pocket of surf that Southern California had to offer.

Strike missions to Baja, Seal Beach sessions, Lower Trestles marathons and beyond, Andino logged more water time around home than ever before, and is now primed for what he hopes is the best year of his career.

See what that looked like for yourself by pressing play above.

Kolohe Andino
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