Riley Laing’s Raw is a raucous desert tubefest

Soak up the action as barrel pig Riley Laing gets richly rewarded in a remote corner of Australia.
By Chris Binns

Riley Laing made a name for himself in 2016 when, at just 17,  he surfed enormous waves at Red Bull Cape Fear. Although his teenage mate Russell Bierke ended up winning the event, Laing turned more than his fair share of heads, with footage of his petrified parents watching on from the rocks being beamed around the world.

Cape Fear is back in 2017 and Laing will be better prepared than ever, as this recent edit from Shane Fletcher ably demonstrates. If you're a fan of perfect desert tubes being superbly threaded by a crowd of one, then you're going to love this clip, shot somewhere east of Western Australia.

Laing may only be 18, but he's already putting the world on notice with his exploits once the waves get heavy. While the six-foot sets contained within this clip are not immediately life-threatening, they still require the minerals of a madman to pilot. In which case Laing is an ace. We can't wait to see what he gets up to next.

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