Come unlock an Indonesian surfing treasure

Scoring at Desert Point is a surf travelling rite of a passage. Let’s look at how the best do it.
By Chris Binns

Lombok is not that far from Indonesia's surfing capital of Bali, but when you cross from one island to another you may as well be stepping into another country. The Lombok Strait contains the Wallace Line, which separates the fauna of the Indomalayan zone in the west from the Australasian fauna to the east, as well as being the major flowthrough zone for water from the Pacific Ocean to mix with water from the Indian. The results of all of this are as crazy as you might assume.

Huge currents and tide activity are a crazy combination when added to winter's tropical low pressure systems, and one of the happy end products of all this is Desert Point. This incredible spiralling left offers perfect tubes and an easy sweep that drags surfers back to the top of the lineup. So dreamy is DP that it now also boasts one of the craziest crowds in the surfing world, the ease of use proving more of a hindrance than a help these days.

In our latest Sessions edit we follow Tai Graham and friends as they endure the ferries and driving required to tackle a Desert Point swell head on. From days of hanging out sharing laughs, to patching up each other's wounds and writing off each other's waves, it's a simple life in the dust bowl, and the Deserts Rats wouldn't have things any other way.

Kick back and hit play, we sure hope you enjoy a look at life on the road, Indo-style.

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