Soar above pumping Superbank

Check out this fresh drone perspective of the Gold Coast’s recent run of solid swell.
By Andrew Lewis

In the last handful of years, the Australian East Coast has, without fail, ignited with swell the week before the World Tour season kicks off on the Goldie — then gone flat for the contest. For the competitors, it's been a bit of a curse. For the legions of freesurfers, it's been a helluva blessing.

For drone filmers like Jaiden Maclean, a pumping Gold Coast swell means days-long sprints up and down the coast, chasing changing tides and blue, draining barrels, with the likes of Dingo Morrison and Joel Parkinson.

Surfer Israel Phillips filmed on a wave at Superbank in Australia's Gold Coast from a drone
In the Gold mine © Jaiden Maclean

These days, Maclean's got the manic process down pat, and the edit above is visual proof. From Kirra to lesser crowded waves farther north, from the beach to the ski, be prepared to be piloted through a handful of brilliant sessions that epitomise the meaning of fun. And lucky for the pros, the contest ended up being pretty legendary, too. 


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