Join the fun as West Oz fires for the world’s best

The world tour runs headfirst into pumping waves as No Contest continues to capture the magic.
By Chris Binns

Western Australia's Margaret River is one of the natural wonders of the surfing world, and when the sport's best hit town at the same time as back-to-back swells you're always going to be in for a show.

This year was no different, as fresh off the jet from the first contest on the Gold Coast the world tour crew got stuck into some raw Indian Ocean power.

Lay days are action packed in this neck of the woods, with squads hitting Caves Road to chase waves up and down the coast. Julian Wilson, Michel Bourez and Adriano de Souza were standouts at The Box, alongside local chargers like Jack Robinson and Kael Walsh, while Jordy Smith literally turned his air game on his head in one action-packed session at a semi-secret reef. 

As always Jacob Wooden bunked in with the teams to bring us the best of the non-comp shredding in the No Contest edit you see above. We couldn't be more psyched to bring you the action the webcast doesn't show, and hope you love it as much as we do. Hit play now and enjoy!

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