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凡於7 Eleven, Circle K, Parknshop, Wellcome購買任何Red Bull能量產品,以Whatsapp發送有效單據圖片、姓名及身份證頭4位數字至+852 59815109,即可參加抽獎。頭獎(1名)雙人來回日本機票1套,二奬(1名)雙人滑翔傘體驗1次,三奬(8名)記事本1本。

Purchase any of Red Bull Energy Drink products in 7 Eleven, Circle K, Parknshop & Wellcome, customers can instantly enter lucky draw by sending a photo of valid machine-printed receipt, full name & first 4 digits of identity card number to +852 59815109 via WhatsApp. Grand Prize (1 Winner) a pair of return Air Tickets To Japan, 1st Prize (1 winner) a pair of paragliding experience, 2nd Prize (8 winners) Red Bull notebook x1.


1. 主辦機構: Red Bull Hong Kong Limited

2. 推廣期由2017年9月1日至2017年10月31日(首尾兩天包括在內)(以下稱「推廣期」)。
The Promotion period starts from 1st September, 2017 to 31st October, 2017 (First and last days inclusive) (Described as “Promotion Period” in the below)


3. 凡參加是次活動者,即表示其了解並同意此活動「條款及細則」。如有違反,本公司有權取消其參加或得獎資格,並對於任何破壞是次活動之行為保留追究權利。
All entrants hereby confirm that they understand and agree the “Terms & Conditions” of this promotion. In the event of a breach, Red Bull shall reserve the right to cancel any participation or award and to retain any right to pursue any act of sabotage.

4. 參與機制:

I. 由2017年9月1日至10月31日,購買任何Red Bull能量產品,以Whatsapp發送有效單據圖片、姓名及身份證頭4位數字至+852 59815109,即可參加抽獎。
From September 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017, with any purchase of Red Bull Energy Drink products, customers can instantly enter lucky draw by sending a photo of valid machine-printed receipt, full name & first 4 digits of identity card number to +852 59815109 via WhatsApp.

II. 參加者須於Whatsapp遞交有效收據圖片、英文全名及身份證號碼首4位數字電郵完成登記。
Participants must send their photo of the machine-printed receipt, full name, first 4 digits of ID number and via WhatsApp.

III. 收據日期及登記日期必須為推廣期內(首尾兩天包括在內),以系統之時間為準,逾時的登記將不作計算。
Date on machine-printed receipt and registration date must be within the Promotion Period (First and last days inclusive), the time recorded in our system is final. Entries received outside this Promotion Period will not be considered.

IV. 參加次數不限,唯每張有效單一正本收據只可贏取獎品一次,相同收據重複登記將被視作無效。
Unlimited entries per person is allowed. Each valid entry made has the chance to win only 1 prize during the Contest Period. Duplicated receipts will not be considered.

V. 收據圖片必須清楚顯示所購買之產品名稱、價格(其中必須包括任何Red Bull 能量產品)、7 Eleven, Circle K Logo, Parknshop, Wellcome、購買日期及時間。
The machine-printed receipt must clearly state the name of product purchased, price (Red Bull energy drink products purchase must be included), 7 Eleven or Circle K logo, date and time of purchase.

VI. 參加者必須為年滿18歲或以上並持有香港或澳門身份證之香港或澳門居民。
All participants must be permanent residents of Hong Kong and Macau with valid ID cards, and aged over 18.

VII. 參加者必須確保所有登記之資料無誤,登記提交後恕不接受任何更改資料或收據之要求,以示公允。
Participants must ensure that all information they provide are accurate and up to date, no changes are to be made after submission.

VIII. 參加者其個人資料將用作聯絡及公報得獎者及核實換領獎品者的身分。個人資料收集以用作內部記錄、研究、統計、抽獎及核對得獎者身分。The contact details you provide with your Competition entry will be used to notify you of any prizes. Personal details will be collected for internal record, research, statistics and checking the identity of prize winners. Please make sure they are correct.

5. 得獎結果將於2017年11月13日星島日報,The Standard 英文虎報及於下午12:00 網頁公佈。
Winners will be published on 13 November 2017 in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard and announced at 12:00pm on .

6. 得獎者須保留已登記之電腦收據正本作日後領獎及核實之用。收據須清楚列明指定商店、購買日期及時間、產品名稱、有關購買產品的數量(其中必須包括任何Red Bull 能量產品);任何不完整、偽造或損毀、影印本或重印的收據均不被接納。
The winner must keep the registered machine-printed receipt for future approval and verification. The receipt must clearly specify the specific stores, date and time of purchase, the name of the product, the quantity of the product to be purchased (which must include any Red Bull energy drink product); and any receipts that are incomplete, forged or damaged, photocopied or reprinted are not accepted.

7. 得獎者將有專人根據其登記的電郵及電話號碼通知領獎。得獎者可選擇以郵寄方式或到指定地點領獎。
Red Bull and its contractors may contact you via phone or email for prize arrangements. Winners can select the prize delivery methods of delivery or collecting in a specific location.

8. 領獎安排:
Prize collection arrangement:

I. 郵寄方式:得獎者須郵寄中獎正本收據至指定地址,本公司收到及確認後會以快遞形式寄出獎品予得獎者。唯得獎者須承擔所有郵寄風險。
By mail: Winners must mail the original receipt of purchase to a designated address, Red Bull will confirm and deliver the prize to the winner. The winner is responsible and liable for any failure and delay in delivery.

II. 親身換領:得獎者須於指定時間攜同中獎正本收據到指定地點領獎。如得獎者未能親身領獎,請委託代領者攜帶已簽署之授權書、收據正本及閣下之身份證副本作領獎之用。
Collect in person: Winners must bring the original receipt to the designated prize collection location at the allocated time. If the winner fails to collect the prize in person, please entrust a consignor with a signed power of attorney, the original receipt and a copy of the winner’s HK or Macau ID for collecting the award.

III. 未能以以上形式於2017年12月1日下午6:00前完成領獎則作放棄得獎論。如得獎者於領獎時未能提供有關中獎正本收據,其得獎資格將被取消。領獎後相關收據正本會被收取及不獲退還。
In case the winners do not claim his/her prize, or cannot provide the original receipt of purchase by 1 December, 2017 18:00, he/she will have forfeited the prize and Red Bull reserves the right to determine an alternate winner based on lucky draw. The original receipt of purchase will not be returned to the winners after the prize collection.

9. 對於是次活動之回覆資料及時間,將以本公司伺服器所收獲之數據作準。任何因網路、電腦等技術問題而引致參加者所遞交的資料有遲延、遺失、錯誤、無法辨識等情況,本公司概不負責。
If in Sponsor’s opinion the Promotion is compromised by any event beyond Sponsor’s control, Sponsor reserves the right to modify, terminate, amend or extend the Promotion without responsibility and liability for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to you or any third party (whether direct or indirect).

10. 獎品以實物為準,宣傳圖片僅供參考。本公司不負責有關獎品使用及其相關服務之責任。
Pictures of prizes are for reference only. Red Bull is not responsible for the use of prizes and related services.

11. 獎品一經領取後,若有遺失或被竊,本公司將不會補發或証明。
Any loss and stolen prizes will not be reissued after the collection date.

12. 送出之機票為經濟客位,並需在指定日子使用,逾期無效。旅遊獎品並不包括旅遊保險。
The return tickers are economy class and must be used within the designated period or they will be deemed forfeited. Travel prize does not include travel insurance.

13. 得獎者須自付有關機場稅、燃油附加費、機場建設稅及有關服務供應商手續費,得獎
者須接受相關服務供應商之相關條款及細則約束。 The winner need to pay for the airport tax, fuel surcharge, airport service charge, and other related processing fee from the supplier. Winners agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for the appointed service providers.

14. 本公司並非奬品的供應商,對於奬品的質素及品質,本公司概不負責,請直接與指定供應商聯絡。如遇上惡劣天氣或特殊情況而影響行程,得獎者請留意有關服務供應商之有關公佈及安排。本公司不會對任何由於使用獎品而遭受的任何損失或損害承擔任何責任 (包括但不限於間接或後果性損失)或個人受傷。
Red Bull is not the supplier of the prize, the liability of the prize should be directed to appointed supplier, the company shall have no liability in respect thereof. In any circumstances including but not limit to the event of adverse weather or exceptional case, winner has to be aware of the announcement and arrangement from the service provider. Our company will bear no responsibility and no guarantee to any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused directly or indirectly of the prizes or personal injury.

15. 所有獎品不得轉售他人、兌換現金、兌換其他產品或優惠。參加者必須遵守本公司所訂立的規則、條款及細則及其他有關之規則,並保證所提供之資料均為真實且正確,且未冒用或盜用任何第三人之資料、如違規者,本公司有權取消其參加及得獎資格。
Winners must not resell their prize, exchange for cash, exchange for other products or offers. Participants must accept the rules, terms and conditions of The Promotion and ensure that the information provided is true. If not, the company has the right to cancel its participation and award.

16. 屬本公司及其廣告代理以及其僱用之服務供應商之員工,不可參加是次推廣活動,以示公允。
Directors, officers and employees of Sponsor, its parent, and any of their respective affiliate companies, subsidiaries, agents, any company involved in the development or production of the Promotion, professional advisors, third party service providers or advertising and promotional agencies involved with this Promotion, are not eligible to enter or win any prizes in this Promotion.

17. 推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼:xxxxxx
Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: xxxxx

18. 英文條款及細則僅供參考,若英文與中文版本倘有任何抵觸,一切內容概以中文版本爲準。
English terms and conditions are for reference only, and if there is any conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

19. 如有任何爭議,本公司擁有最終及對參加者具約束力之決定權。
In the event of any dispute, the Company shall have the final and final decision of the Participant.

20. 查詢電話:3426 3376 星期一至五上午11:00至下午6:00,公眾假期除外。
Inquiries: 3426 3376 Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm except public holidays.