So This Is Happening: Laird Hamilton Talks Nazaré

Laird Hamilton has shared some opinions about Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira's recent Nazaré session.
By Elliot Struck

The recent session at Nazaré has been big news in all circles of the world surf community. In particular, the news that Maya Gabeira survived a near-fatal wipeout, and that Carlos Burle caught what many are calling the biggest wave ever ridden. However, big wave pioneer Laird Hamilton has just given an interview on CNN that takes a different line to many other commentators.

According to Laird, Carlos' wave should not count as the biggest wave ever ridden, purely based on the fact that Carlos did not "make" the wave (meaning, he didn't ride out of the wave to the channel or ride until the wave stopped, thereby not finishing it). Laird thinks that a surfer must make a wave for it to count as the biggest ride ever recorded.

Also, despite the fact that Maya has dedicated her life to training for and taking on big waves, Laird does not believe she should have been surfing those conditions. Ultimately the decision is Maya's, but Laird says that she was not prepared for the situation she found herself in two days ago at Nazaré.

One thing is undeniable: The bravery, skill and quick-thinking that Carlos and Maya showed as a big wave team on the day, and what they accomplished.

So, what do you think?

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