In Conversation with Sandunes

Sandunes releases her new album tonight. And we’re here to give you the low down.
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By Abhishek Khan

Musician and producer Sandunes (who also plays in The Dualist Inquiry Band) is getting on the road to release her new album or as she calls it – ‘a collaboration of art and a music project’, Ever Bridge.

Ever Bridge for Sandunes represents the haziness of boundaries and the consequent amalgamation of spaces, places, people and mediums. A process that is never ending - a reflection of her experiences (personally and professionally). The concept behind her music is to bridge gaps as a metaphor to induce growth. Sandunes’ collaborated with artists from the South Asian sub-continent (and beyond) to create different pieces of artwork for the album. In collaboration with the Wolves, this album launch tour will feature visual mapping in conjunction with various lightweight suspensions to depict ideas that resonate with the concept behind the project.

She tells us about her journey from the EP to the LP and the sonic scape of her sound. “It was quite an organic journey and sort of just happened. I have a process of making music that is on-going. I'm always working on new tracks, new ideas, and new collaborations. Once the EP was done, I didn't have a plan. It happened on its own.” Her influences have a big role to play in her music. They impact the way she chooses tones, chords, and sounds. Attuned to all music she’s heard as a kid and to hearing everyday sounds of people talking, it all inspires her. Determined to keep up with other things that are happening around the world, she finds inspiration in new artists and their on-stage performances.

“Someone said to put out an LP. I took it up as a challenge. A lot of the artists that I was inspired by were making music with strict artistic restrictions. They've reached a stage in their life and they're so prolific, so that's what they do. I was a bit lenient with myself.”

A perfectionist to boot, her basic artistic goal is to reach a stage where she can be satisfied with the end result of her product. “I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing but I'm not quite there yet. There is something you get out of being slightly dissatisfied with your work. A lot of LP work was about letting go. Keep tweaking things for a time until you attain a certain goal. Maybe I’ll be there when I’m 50?”

She wants her gigs to be a visual and aural experience for the audience. She sent her music to several artists, wanting the collaborators to be true to their work, her only input in the process was her music. “I was very fascinated to work with artists from different countries. It started out when I decided to work with a Pakistani girl - Asma Javeri. A photographer, an illustrator, a graphic artist, etc.” She kept sending them music while she was making it.

“They asked me what I want. I said there's no brief. Do what you want. I see it as a collaborative music and an art project. Things came together well. I put these artists in touch with each other. There is a graphic designer in Dubai and an artist in Mumbai. They look at different interpretations of the same music. I hope it opens up more opportunities for them and us. I was lucky, people were willing to collaborate. I stitched it together into an album; I am hoping it leads to a lot more. It's definitely a big learning. There were many shortcomings. It's bound to happen. It's the first time.”

On her future aspirations? “I definitely want to be in a position where I am growing as a musician constantly. There's no set goal. I want to work on cross-medium collaborations. I am a musician first, then a producer. I am fascinated with the world of sound. I have been lucky to be a part of the audio visual projects. It's inspiring when good thinkers come together. My goal is to work with people who are on a similar wavelength.”

To her desire to debase a set of stereotypes by transcending musical boundaries, we wish Sandunes a super duper launch ahead.

Meanwhile, you can download Ever Bridge for free here -

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