Red Bull Sound Clash Jordan is Back!

By Red Bull Jordan

We’re back for another round of Red Bull SoundClash in Jordan.

Last time this event took place was back in 2014, and oh boy, was it a night to remember! El Morabba3 and Autostrad rocked both stages like nobody’s business.

© Ali Saadi

This time around,

This guy:

Aziz Maraka © Mercedes Herràn

Will be going head to head with these fellas:

Yes, Arabic rock will clash with Razz in yet another unforgettable showdown, on 2 stages with YOU in the middle, and this duo as hosts:

© Mo’tasem Awad
© Mo’tasem Awad

All this will take place across 5 rounds:

The Warm up

Each band plays 3 of their own songs to warm up the crowd.

1st. Round: The Cover

The DJ cuts in a well-known song. Each band plays a cover version of this famous song in their style.

2nd. Round: The Take Over

Band 1 plays one of their hits. In the middle of the song Band 2 takes over the song in their style.

3rd. Round: The Clash

The bands have to play their own songs in 2 different styles.

4th. Round: The Wild Card

Each band plays one more song together with an invited musician/special guest of their own choosing.

Now, where and when will this night of musical wonder take place?

Cancel your plans and make your way to Amman Exhibition Park on Friday, September 2 from 7 PM till 11 PM.

You would not want to miss this, because:

  • Who wants to spend Friday night at home?
  • Have you read what we wrote above?
  • Wouldn’t you want to be part of this?
© Farras Oran

Get your tickets (before they sell out):

Online at, or if you prefer a more traditional approach, you can find tickets at TLC Abdoun, JO Bedu (Al Louibdeh), City Mall and Turtle Green.

Find out how you can win VIP tickets and backstage access by going here.

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