Red Bull Soundclash Marks its Place in History!

Red Bull Sound Clash 2017
Red Bull Sound Clash 2017 © Shady Habash
By Lara Sabry - Egypt

Now, for those who have managed to make it, you know what we’re talking about, and for those who haven’t, we’re referring to the legendary night that was Red Bull Soundclash 2017 (seriously though!) 
Red Bull Soundclash, which brought two of Egypt’s finest music acts; Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari on opposing stages, marked the largest crowd since the inception of the event! Right there stood a whopping 10000 roaring music fans that witnessed the grand showdown that took place between both bands.

A night for all music fans

Upon the first note struck, the crowd was sent into a frenzy that spanned the rest of the night! The bands hammered-out hit after hit, which resulted in loud sing-alongs, raised hands and constant cheers. A fusion of Hip-Hop, rock, and Electro Swing was thrown into the mix as the no-holds-barred night echoed throughout all corners of the city. To top it all off, the bands covered each other’s music in an epic showdown that will be remembered for a very long time.


Special Guests

The sheer “epic-ness” did not end there; the show wrapped up with a ‘Wild Cards’ round that enabled the bands to bring on stage a musical guest of their choice. Massar Egbari led the charge by bringing on stage the man responsible for ‘Ah Law L3bt Ya Zahr’, Ahmed Sheeba! The crowd went wild!

The response from Sharmoofers was swift! The band introduced Music Legend Cheb Khaled known for classics such as ‘Di Di’, the band played a rendition of Khaled’s classic which put the crowds’ vocal chords to the test.

Towards the end, an olive branch was extended and both bands united on one stage for the last grand bash. The result was nothing short of breath taking

As the amps were unplugged and the lights came down, we were left with the memory of a brilliant night of music, laughter and singing.

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