Human Shooting Stars Over The Skies Of Petra

"We have jumpers in the sky!”
By Red Bull Jordan

 Seeing Petra during day light is a magical experience for sure, but witnessing the majestic view of this city is incomparable at night. Illuminated by 1,500 candles, the ancient ruins glowed from above to welcome Red Bull Air Force Team members: Jon Devore, Mike Swanson and Andy Farrington, as they jumped and lit up the night sky over the World Wonder.

Red Bull Air Force Team
Red Bull Air Force Team © Farras Oran

 The scene was accompanied by traditional Bedouin music coming in perfect harmony from a bedoiun‘s flute, positioned outside the dark Treasury. The people of Petra didn’t hesitiate to give a helping hand in releasing lanterns to guide the jumpers safely back to the lit landing runway.

We couldn’t see anything, up until the lanterns flew up in the air.

Jon Devore


Petra locals releasing their lanterns
Petra locals releasing their lanterns © Farras Oran

 As they took to the sky, the jumpers lit up flares coming out of their feet, and LED lights emitting from their wingsuits, to create a never seen before light show! Witnessing the sight from the ground, it appeared as if human meteors were flying through paper lanterns, resembling shooting stars over the dark sky of Petra.

Human shooting stars
Human shooting stars © Farras Oran
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