Abudi Alsagoff

My discipline is freerunning. My friends call me Abudi. I was born on 28 May 1991 in Selangor, Malaysia. My special talent is delayed flips and moves in small spaces. My philosophy of life is this is a temporary world we live in and we should encourage the good. My favourite food is chicken. My favourite music is instrumental beat music.


Abudi has been a parkour professional athlete since 2005. He won the Indo Freerun Championship in 2011 and was second runner-up in the Singapore championship, as well as judging it in Malaysia.

Abudi studied computer engineering in Malaysia before moving to Dubai in 2014 to grow awareness of freerunning in the region. He runs his own parkour business, Alpha Movements, and has appeared performing freerunning flips and tricks in TV commercials across Asia.

In 2015, he climbed 200 flights of stairs to create a ‘human flag’ at the top of the world’s tallest residential building, 101 Marina building in Dubai, 432.5m above ground – clinging horizontally to the scaffolding with just his hands.

His favourite spot for parkour in Dubai is Safa Park.

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