Cut loose with Gutiérrez on Colombian home dirt

Ride along with Marcelo Gutiérrez in this GoPro video, as he heads down a hometown Manizales trail.
By Rajiv Desai

Home is where the heart is, and for Colombian DH racer Marcelo Gutiérrez never a truer thing can be said about the way he feels about his hometown of Manizales in central Colombia.

The Giant Off-Road Factory rider lives and trains here in the Worlld Cup off-season. Gutiérrez has been riding the lush tropical mountains that surround Manizales since he was a boy, so there's deep affection for the trails here.

The trail they call the 'La Densa' is a particular favourite of Marcelo's. Watch him tackle the track in the GoPro video above and check the related stories below for more of the Colombian's GoPro rides in 2017.

"This is the most popular local trail that we have here. What is really interesting is the type of terrain, it is kind of dusty, you have some really hard curves and technical areas surrounded by many pines," says Marcelo.

There isn't any room for mistakes, the trees are quite close all the way down.

Marcelo Gutiérrez

"It is good in the dry, when it rains... wow wow wow... it gets slippery! Fun though, but sketchy."

It just so happens that Gutiérrez lives just a 10 minute drive away from the start of 'La Densa'. Very handy!

See Marcelo and the rest of the world's fastest downhillers in Lourdes on Red Bull TV when the 2017 UCI World Cup season begins at the end of April.

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