Ride the Bali jungle with Anton Thelander

Watch Anton Thelander turn the trails of Bali upside down in this sweet, crispy jungle edit.
By Lina Frisk

What do you get if you mix a pro rider on vacation with his MTB, some monks, muddy jungle trails and a healing ritual that includes covering a face with rice? You get the sweaty, jungle vacation-edit of Anton Thelander hunting trails on Bali that's what.

Filmers SodaLime followed him into the green rice fields and deep into the jungle of Bali.

Watch the clip above to find out what exactly Anton Thelander got up to.

Anton, how come you decided to ride in Bali?
Thelander: I’ve been there once but I made the mistake of not bringing my bike, so I decided it was time to ride Bali for real. I’m happy I did it, it was a really good trip. I also realised that I’ll never become a pro surfer, haha.

What’s up with the ritual with the rice? What did the monk do?
It’s actually a healing ritual. I sat down and the monk started by pushing on these trigger points in my hand, then there was a number of healing oils and then some chanting. Not sure what they were all for but it was nice. In the end, the rice was attached to the oil. To be honest that part made me the most curious, but it’s all about respecting the ritual secrets… right?

Anton Thelander gets healed by a local Hindu priest in Bali in 2017
Healing vibes © Daniel Ronnback

Was the jungle as sweaty but epic as it looked?
Yes, it was rainy season and really freakin’ humid! The rain made the conditions tough, but it was cool to ride the jungle trails. I mean, it’s a real jungle! This is actually the warmest place I’ve ever ridden, it was extremely sweaty – like all the time!

Anton Thelander stands in the middle of a jungle in Bali in 2017
The (heat) struggle was real © Daniel Ronnback

What was the best experience on the trip?
To shoot the volcano scene, we had to hike during the pitch-black hour just before sunrise. Riding the trail down the volcano with the sun rising over Bali was magical.

It was also really cool to cruise the rice fields. We had a few pretty curious rice farmers who caught a glimpse of the production; I guess bikers and drones are not that common in rice terraces.

If any of our readers want to bike in Bali?
Go! There’s really something there for everyone. But it can get real sweaty.

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