Infiltration is all set for Red Bull Kumite 2017

Get to know Lee ‘Infiltration’ Seon Woo in our fourth player-focused Red Bull Kumite 2017 comic.
A comic strip of professional Street Fighter eSports player Lee 'Infiltration' Seon Woo
Infiltration looks forward to the year’s big event © Ludovica /
By Ryan Esler

The fourth in our series of comics shedding light on players ahead of Red Bull Kumite 2017 focuses on Lee 'Infiltration' Seon Woo as he prepares for the upcoming tournament.

Hailing from South Korea, the Razer sponsored player is known all over the globe. From his insane Hakan counter pick against Eduardo 'PR Balrog' Perez at EVO 2013, to his dominant winning performance at last year's Red Bull Kumite, all eyes are on the current champ – but is he ready? We take a look in the comic pages below.

With a long and illustrious career in Street Fighter, Infiltration is an obvious pick to win this year's Red Bull Kumite. Very few fighters could compete with him when comparing accolades. When Infiltration first made his big splash, back in 2010, he placed third at EVO with Akuma. From there, Infiltration went on to showcase his skills with other characters, including Gouken, Chun Li, Oni, Haka and Cammy to name a few.

Even with his wide range of skills, that doesn't stop Infiltration from doubting himself before tournaments. When asked about how confident he was about this year's Red Bull Kumite event, he told us, "I don't trust myself, that's why I practice hard all the time." This is particularly important considering Infiltration recently had a bit of a character crisis, after abandoning his previous main Nash, as it no longer fit his playstyle.

Infiltration has often spoken about his character decisions and playstyle, believing himself to be a "stylish player", which was evident with his Nash in Street Fighter V last year. Since then, Nash has received numerous nerfs and Infiltration left him behind. But, as a multi character specialist, he quickly adapted his playstyle and picked up Juri, Rashid and, most recently, Karin.

In preparation for Red Bull Kumite 2017, Infiltration was asked about his preparations and training regime. He stated that he plays mostly alone in training mode in the lead up to tournaments while studying his rivals online – a common approach adopted by many players in preparation for big tournaments.

On the actual day of the tournament, Infiltration tells, "I don't eat anything before the tournament; hunger will help me play the game." Players often talk about hunger for success, but Infiltration's take is literal and his expectations are high. When asked about his feelings for Red Bull Kumite 2017 and his aims, he said, "I will get first place again."

In partnership with Predator, Red Bull Kumite 2017 kicks off in Paris on May 27–28.

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