Your visual guide to Red Bull Kumite 2017

All the throws, combos and KOs from the weekend’s big Street Fighter tournament visualised.
An image of the Salle Wagram in Paris
Our infographic for Red Bull Kumite 2017 © Teddy Morellec/Red Bull Content Pool
By Jon Partridge and Ben Sillis

Red Bull Kumite is over for another year, with another victor crowned. After an incredible run through the losers’ bracket of Sunday’s big Street Fighter V tournament, Japan’s Nemo lifted the trophy, dispatching the very man who sent him to the lower bracket earlier in the the day, Gachikun.

Of course, that was far from the only story to emerge from a weekend of action at the Salle Wagram in Paris. Nemo may have won overall but what about the individual fighters on screen? Who came out best in Capcom’s Season 2 meta? And which players maxed out their own high scores in different aspects of the game? We’ve got the answers for you. Check out our visual guide to Red Bull Kumite 2017 for all the info you could possibly need.

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