Red Bull Curates


The first ever ‘Red Bull Curates‘ exhibition brought together pieces from ten of the most exciting artists in the Sultanate to showcase their creativity, imagination and ingenuity under one roof at the STAL Gallery.

Curated by local talents Hassan Meer and Ibrahim Gailani, the ‘Canvas Cooler Project’ unveiled a new display that showcased Red Bull coolers reworked into pieces of art by emerging artists, Raya Al Maskary, Safiya Al Bahlani, Mala Yagnesh, Farah Asqul, Tahira Fida, Liubov Nikitina, Rawan Al Mahrouqi, Sarah Al Balushi, Yasser Al Danki and Taher Al Battashi.

On show were three-dimensional pieces that wrapped Red Bull coolers in traditional Omani art, including modern interpretations of two distinct themes for the event, spiritual art and street art that used every inch and each side of the square canvas.

Speaking after the event, Hassan Al Meer, owner of the STAL gallery, said, “The event atmosphere was different and vibrant; the artists interacted with the concept which was fresh and cool especially for the young artist who I feel can push the art scene boundaries”

Exhibition curator, Ibrahim Gailani, said, “The audience was very keen on seeing the interpretation that different artists have on the two concepts. When I got involved in the project, the intention was to have the artists follow the philosophy we developed for the show and make sure the piece makes a statement and is in line with the interpretation so that it is a cohesive collection.”

"The art scene in Oman needs greater exposure to different genres of art, and that is slowly changing. We need art that makes you paint, makes you ask questions, and here is a piece of art that makes you push the boundary and on a medium you would not use, and done for the sake of art and display of art, and this is where the best work comes out."