Red Bull Reign

Muharraq Club

RED BULL REIGN is the only global Basketball tournament with a cumulative scoring system. The teams with the most baskets scored in each round advance to the next.

24 teams play on 4 courts with12 referees. The tournament will have a total of 4 rounds with 1690 minutes of play coming to 193 games in 1 day. The winning team is the one with the most points scored during the tournament. The Winning Team That Reigns Supreme On Court And Goes To The World Finals To Represent Bahrain.

The international final is to be played in one of the most respected playgrounds in the USA, BARRY FARMS in Washington D.C. , Home of the Goodman league in September 2017.

The Playground:

  • Basketball 3 Vs 3 ( it is based on FIBA 3on3 rules with very minor changes)
  • Amateurs Only ( we are vetting teams via the BBA to ensure only amateurs enter )
  • Age +16
  • Participation Is Free

The Rules:

1. Red Bull Reign uses a unique set of rules relying on the gameplay of the FIBA rules. The FIBA 3x3 rules can be found here. All the rules to that are explained as follows.

2. There will be no 21-point maximum. Teams score as many points as they can during the 8 (first round) or 10 minutes (following rounds) game time. All the Games are played with a regular Men Size 7 Ball.

3. If a team quits during any round all of their previous/future games in that current round will be cancelled. Each team scheduled to compete against them will win by 20:0 points.

4. All teams must sign in 2.5 hours before the tournament starts at the tournament location, in person. No exceptions.

5. Red Bull Reign organizers reserve the right to disqualify any players or team that disrupt(s) the event, as indicated by the designated court monitor or game official.

6. Disruptive behavior includes: excessive language, physical violence, threats, and uncooperative attitude towards officials and/or court monitors.

7. Teams will consist of at least three and no more than four players each. Only three players can be on the court at any point with one substitute.

8. Players must be 16 years (US = 18) of age or older by the event date.

9. There are no changes to any teams after 10:00 am (determined by country, depending in the time of the tournament start) on the day of the event– all rosters are final at that time.

Tournament Advancement:

The tournament organizer has the right to change the tournament format at any point given local circumstances e.g. more or less than 24 teams participating.

Rules apply for each round (if teams in one group come up with the same amount of points after the current round):

A. Head to head
B. Total wins / losses
C. Point difference points made / points allowed (including all 3 group games)
D. Point difference points made / points allowed (only between the teams concerning the advancement)
E. Do or die free throws, each team picks 1 shooter to shoot 1 do or die free throws, if the players come up with the same results another players has to shoot. If all 4 players come up with the same result start all over.