Gaming Up for IGN

By Noor Nooruddin - Bahrain

It’s time to saddle up for the biggest gaming convention of the year! I’m not quite sure why I went with a horse-riding metaphor there, but it felt right. Excitement is bubbling up as Tarteeb are rolling out details and announcements regarding this year’s IGN Convention in Bahrain, launching this weekend, October 2nd and 3rd!

Last year, we saw huge gaming tournaments, sumo wrestling, and awesome international guests, like the multi-talented Troy Baker, who voices The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Resident Evil character model Julia Voth, Naomi Kyle, host of IGN’s The Daily Fix, and, of course, The Mountain from Game of Thrones! The Mountain’s real name is pronounced “Haf-thor,” appropriately, and he happens to be the strongest man in Iceland. So, there you go, fun facts all around.

This year, we’re expecting even more gaming tournaments that appeal to different types of gamers, including a two-day Fifa tournament, a Yu Gi Oh tournament, a Mortal Kombat X tournament, and a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare tournament, among others. I’m pretty sure there’s also going to be a mechanical bull somewhere. International guests include superstar professional wrestler, Booker T, cosplay celebrity, Riddler, and two voice actors famous for their work on The Walking Dead, Dave Fennoy and Adam Harrington.

We can’t wait to also check out all the distinctive artists who will be showcasing and selling their work at Artist Alley, along with vendors for props, retro games, comic books, action figures, and so much more!

Did I mention that this is also Bahrain’s cosplay heaven? Everyone’s so excited to see who’s going to be the cosplay champion this year!

Check out photos from last year’s IGN Convention and get pumped with me!

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