Stunt School: Steep Alaska DLC

The action doesn’t stop in the Alps, as these brave adventurers prove.
Wingsuiting above the mountain in Steep
Hope you’re not afraid of heights! © Ubisoft
By Ben Sillis and Jon Partridge

Ubisoft’s open world adventure sports game Steep has been online for a few months now, and in that time digital thrillseekers have figured out most of the lines – and wingsuit drops – in its initial Alpine mountain range. Now though a whole new area is open for visitors with the recently released Steep Alaska DLC, letting you hit the slopes on an entirely new continent.

There are plenty of new runs for skiers and boarders to explore in the vast new DLC, but some off piste purists in the community have come up with some seriously inventive new ways to get from A to Z on Mount Denali in as quick or as stylish as manner as possible. Frequently both. Read on to see just how they’re pulling them off in our latest Stunt School.

Get this player a travel card

© the sans fans

There’s rail riding, and then there’s this. YouTuber ‘the sans fans’ is not one to look a gift ramp in the mouth, to mix our metaphors, so when an opportunity to flip off one and over another presents itself, the sans fans takes it. Not satisfied however with merely impressing everyone, they then proceed to land on said ramp and grind for what seems like several miles before leaping into the great unknown and only narrowly missing a road on landing. Bonus points for the onlooking skier, who stops their own run in awe to admire this extraordinary leap of both agility and logic.

A walk in the woods

© Gaming No Comment

While top professional riders content themselves with the odd branch tap, Gaming No Comment is prepared to get up and close with the timber in Steep’s new Alaska DLC. What starts off as a smooth line turns into a hairy off piste adventure involving many near misses with the scenery.

Switching it up

© wills1 pils1

Alaska’s Mount Denali is a pretty big new place to explore, and YouTuber ‘wills1 pils1’ shows us how it’s done by hitting the slopes on skis, flipping through plenty of big jumps, nailing grinds and riding switch almost the entire way down – the character really ought to have a HGV’s ‘REVERSING’ alarm blaring to warn people lower down the slope. Whilst there are a couple of wipe-outs here and there, they don’t detract from the big jumps and steezy lines presented above – can you nail those same grinds?

Falling, with style


Here’s one way to make it down the mountain: with as many flips and spins as possible. SiNoMaTiC shows us how it’s possible to make a run that’s literally all killer, no filler, with nary a moment wasted, no rotation left unrotated and no flip left unflipped. SiNoMaTiC racks up one huge score that looks like it’s going to be incredibly tough to beat – think you can top that?

I believe I can fly… through this bridge

© the sans fans

Set your jaw to dropped before you even hit play on the video above as it’ll save you a bit of time. The sans fans has found a doozy little spot in the new Alaska map that’ll make you feel rather claustrophobic, as this wingsuit run is performed in one of the narrowest corridors we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure how many times it took to perfect, but we have a feeling you’ll be making even more tries to even come close to matching this stunt.

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