Road Rage: Egyptian Style

Toktok Drift: Egypt’s first drift-driving application
Toktok Drift
By Red Bull

It’s rush hour on a hot afternoon and the streets of Cairo are at a standstill — well, not completely. There’s that auto rickshaw weaving through traffic, music-blaring and without a worry in the world that it’s going to be late.

Feeling the urge to get behind the wheel? Forget about racecars and get comfortable in your virtual toktok as you weave through the streets of Cairo and Alexandria on Egypt’s very first drift-driving app, TokTok Drift.

Toktok Drift

Pimp your toktok with a stronger engine, beef up your tires for better handling or up your acceleration from the app store or stack up some points from every successful mission you complete, and that’s no easy task.

From one-on-one racing to a multiple toktok races, be prepared for a rough ride. Maneuver your way through the streets, but don’t forget to pick up some weapons while you’re on your mission — you’re going to need protect yourself — and Red Bull booster cans to up your speed.

Toktok Drift

This is not going to be a scenic drive, although you might choose to cruise on the coastal avenues of Alexandria’s seafront. You will get a real-life experience complete with the graphitized roadblocks of downtown Cairo and the annoyed pedestrians, all to the soundtrack of your typical toktok.

TokTok Drift is going to take you on a whole new driving experience that you’ve never tried before.


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