Jassem Al Emadi: The Dunes Conqueror

By Red Bull Qatar

Jassem Al Emadi was crowned the defeater of the dunes, as he warded off stiff competition from his competitors, with a superb show of maneuvering skills and speed at Red Bull Qaher El T3ous T3 buggy race, at Sealine yesterday. The head-to-head T3 buggy race had the crowd roaring in excitement as buggy after buggy leapt into the air, their drivers vying with each other competing for the title. Mubarak El Khulaifi emerged second while Saad El Qoraini came third.

Red Bull Qaher El T3ous - which means the conqueror of the dunes, offered an adrenalin rushing, yet safe platform to the participants. The event, which was planned on a customised, unique track with a dimension of 200m x 200m, witnessed the participation of 16 Qatari contenders. The challenge between the drivers was off the beaten track as contestants had to cross various, competitive obstacles including jumps, water dig, rocks, sharp turns and dunes.

T3 Buggy Racing at Sealine
T3 Buggy Racing at Sealine © Naim Chidiac

The contenders had to demonstrate both their skill and speed. Qatar’s Mohamed Abu Issa, a Red Bull athlete and a former quad biking champ, judged their competencies. Elie Semaan served as the clerk of the track. Although the obstacles at Qaher El T3ous presented some rough and tough terrain, the entire event was conducted within the confines of a safe environment, while ensuring the spectators would be able to get a clear view of the entire competition from the same spot.

The jump terrain at Qaher El T3ous
The jump terrain at Qaher El T3ous © Naim Chidiac

The unprecedented, desert-racing event drew a 3,000 strong crowd. It was also graced by the presence of several dignitaries including the President of the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation, Abdul Rahman Al Mannai, and his Excellence Willy Kempel, the Austrian Ambassador to Qatar. The evening was a testimony to Qatar’s raging interest in buggies and dune bashing.

Spectators cheering at Qaher El T3ous
Spectators cheering at Qaher El T3ous © Naim Chidiac

There was more to Qaher El T3ous besides the intent competition, spectators were also treated to a thrilling side event as Captain Mohammed Al Yafii showed off their Para-motoring skills.

Captain Mohammed Al Yafii para-motoring show
Captain Mohammed Al Yafii para-motoring show © Naim Chidiac

Red Bull Qaher El T3ous was held under the patronage of Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), and in partnership with Vodafone, Speed Marine, GoPro, Al Kass TV and Woqod, the media support of I Love Qatar in addition to the community partnership of Qatar Living.

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