Ahmad Hamada Curves His Own Way in Egypt!

Watch the video and the best of the greatest Drift competition in Egypt’s history.
By Waleed Shaban - Egypt


Drifting? Clearly! Action? Undeniably! Cheering: Absolutely!
It wasn’t just another car park in Cairo! That night, it was the most exciting stage for Egypt’s top 16 drifters, the performers of the night!
Thrilling 3-hour rounds and back-to-back qualifications were on Rendez-vous, along with loud cheers of over 3000 motorsports aficionados, while the asphalt burnt under the tires of the modified drifting cars.


Red Bull Car Park Drift Champion
Red Bull Car Park Drift Champion © Mohab Magdi

The stakes were high between the final four Haitham Samir, Youssef Joe, Sayed Abou Ghareeb and Ahmad Hamada as they battled fiercely for the title. In the end, it was the slick moves of nippy wing Ahmad Hamada that conquered the final heat when he flew across all the checkpoints. Luck was not so good for Youssef Joe and Haitham Samir with their cars breaking down, while Sayed Abou Ghareeb could only achieve second place.

Hamada on the other hand was the best in all the preliminary rounds. With a seriously stunning performance that kept the audience on their toes, he deservedly earned the Competition’s Title for this year!

Congratulations Ahmah Hamada on winning the Red Bull Car Park Drift 2017!

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