Smoke, Burning Tires, Adrenaline aaaand ACTION!

Drifts and stunts by Abdo Feghali and Rami Sold for Red Bull Car Park Drift 2017
By Waleed Shaban Egypt

Drifting champion Abdo Feghali was an incredible guest at this year’s Red Bull Car Park Drift as he gave the performance of a lifetime on the track of the Tulip Hotel on the Cairo/Suez desert road before and after the two main competitions. He also offered a fast and furious ride to one person in the audience chosen as Red Bull’s most enthusiastic audience member from every corner of the track.

And the nigh wouldn’t have been complete without the biker Rami Sold and his breathtaking moves and stunts at the incredible sounds of Dj Fat Sam.

Anddd the clipping point is gone!
Anddd the clipping point is gone! © Mohab Magdy

Surpriiiiiise! Here’s Abdo Feghali jumping in on the track with Rami as they both demonstrate incomparable skills at 160 km per hour!

The legendary evening was full of nerve wrecking moments for the 16 contestants as they dealt with bumps and malfunctions, going off track, being only millimeters away from the clipping points and hardly reaching the targets within fractions of the second. The night concluded with a wonderful display of fireworks lifting the audience with cheers and the crowning of the champion… Here’s to another chapter in the story Egypt’s Best Drifters!

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