Yoko0 Drops the Beat in Bahrain

Yoko0 warming up the crowd © Abdullah Minhas
By Noor Nooruddin and Abdullah Minhas - Bahrain

It was an extra dose of pressure when Yoko0 had his set extended at the Elements Pool & Lounge on Thursday, the 1st of October, but not only did the studio head DJ deliver, he elevated the dance floor into a whole new level of house music groove!

The prominent DJ touched down on our island this weekend for his second time, excitedly recalling his first experience in Bahrain. “I feel humbled and honored to be back, because the first time I got here, I didn’t know what to expect or what I was getting into; I didn’t expect to meet such warm and friendly people. I had no idea, basically! Everyone here showed me an incredible time, and I truly bonded with most of the people I’ve come across.”


In the zone © Abdullah Minhas

It’s no doubt that the partygoers also bonded with Yoko0 during his performance, as he electrified the dance floor all night with some floor vibrating house. The DJ often experiments during his sets while remaining true to his core melodies, “I assess the energy in the room as I start playing, but I’ll stick to my sound, because that’s why I was booked to come here, and see how people respond to it.” The response was clearly an explosion of upbeat energy, because no one was sitting down!

Now that the weekend is over, and we’re still buzzing from the Yoko0 thrills, the DJ plans to get back on the projects he’s been working on, like a new track he recently finalized to be released early next year. While working on developing himself in the U.S., European, and South American markets, Yoko0 is also working on creating his first studio album, and we can’t wait to hear the results and have him back!

Full house © Abdullah Minhas
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