Discover how grime conquered the world

Red Bull Music Academy’s H∆SHTAG$ series continues with a look at how grime became a global force.
By Glen Ferris

The second series of Red Bull Music Academy's H∆SHTAG$ reaches its grand finale with a look at how Grime has grown into a far-reaching phenomenon.

Although Grime's roots lie in early-noughties Britain, the genre has grown into a global force over the past few years both in real life and online. 

In this episode of Hashtags, Red Bull Music Academy examine grime's rise in other corners of the world with Wiki and Sporting Life of NYC hip-hop outfit Ratking, Kingdom, the man behind Los Angeles’s Fade To Mind label, Lit City Trax founder J-Cush, Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins of Complex and Amsterdam’s Grimeyard, as well as UK pioneers Rapid of Ruff Sqwad, Mista Jam and Sir Spyro, and journalists Hattie Collins and Annie Mac.

Watch episode 4 of H∆SHTAG$ – Season II in the player above.

Red Bull Music Academy Hashtags season 2
Grime goes global © Red Bull Music Academy

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