Danse makes music for your feet and your head

The Brooklyn rapper explains why it’s his duty to reflect reality in an exclusive live session.
Danse performs exclusively for RedBull.com
Danse performs exclusively for RedBull.com © Greg Barnes/RedBull.com
By Bella Todd

As far as Brooklyn rapper Danse is concerned, all artists should be “mandated reporters”. What’s the point of having a voice if you don’t use it to communicate reality, and what’s the point of writing about real life if it isn’t strictly yours? In this See. Hear. Now. session you can hear the young artist from Flatbush perform Howl, a track about the "Everyday grind", and Facts, with its refrain of "Did you live through that or did you hear about it?" – a dig at rappers who deal in fourth-hand reality.

Danse’s belief in direct connections led him to found BKLYN STICKUP, a self-sufficient NY-based label of producers, directors and other artists. It also spurred him, late last year, to launch the ‘Fuck Fader’ campaign, a rap-borne rail against the perceived dominance of certain media outlets. Danse had, apparently, endured too many conversations with label bods who would ask if he’d been featured in Fader before listening to a single note.

Influenced by the hard-edged rhymes of Jadakiss and the ‘90s era swag of Nas, Danse wants to grow BKLYN STICKUP into a movement that can employ more people in his local community. In the meantime, Howl features the gorgeous vocals of Elle Winston, a jazz –influenced soul singer who’s supported Gil-Scott Heron and who drops her debut album later this spring.

Get to know Danse a little better and check out exclusive performances of Howl (from 1m 37s) and Facts (7m 2s) in the player below. WARNING: Clip features explicit language.

Danse is on Instagram.

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