Song 1: Hassan Hujairi Experimentation

By Fatima Al Saad - Red Bull

Hassan Hujairi paces into a sound art venture, experimenting with hydrous music, while dotting and shadowing the words of Majeed Marhoon on writing an encyclopaedia.

A flickering notion of water transpires into Majeed defining what it is to be a Pioneer in art and music. Impressions of an eerie foretelling for the future of sound, while despite his devotion, Majeed’s legend remains restrained. We hear Majeed’s voice, reverberating first in sedated mo-tion and then lapsed to crash into itself, “and as it is known, encyclopaedias in all their modalities, cannot be wholly inclusive”.

This water droplet plummets its self into onward waves, a stutter between all other selves; while this now whole body is still unable to encapsulate the entirety of its being and existence. Such is the fate of music, such is the fate, of the inspired mankind.

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