Gurumiran: Home Exclusive Video Release

By Red Bull Lebanon

Home was first written in 2007-2008 with a few additional tweaks in 2015. The song’s tune was transformed into its current version with the input of Carl Ferneine and Fadi Tabbal. This track explores the states of mental and physical discomfort of an artist: on the road and in/around strange places/people. Discomfort only turns into comfort when surrounded by the “girl” or “love”.

Vitor Hirtsch in New York directed the video during the summer of 2016, in between performances in the city. It was finalized as Gurumiran ended his winter tour including dates in Beirut, Cairo and Paris.
Home is a track off Gurumiran’s debut album: Aberrance, available on Apple Music.

His next album – Man Who Sold Eldunya is in the mix stage for a release soon: containing new songs, a Bowie remake, and an Armenian folk song remake.

© Carl Halal
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