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A Lively and Dynamic Audio/Visual Production Studio Based in Kuwait
Juke Studio
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By Red Bull Kuwait

From film production to video games and music, Jukebox’s extensive experience in both music production and the business side of the industry often enabled them to shine as artists and take their music to a whole new level.

1. How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

Jukebox started out as Film Production Company and released its first short movie “Sharq” in 2007. After that, we decided to nurture our passion and explore the field of Music Production, rather than focusing merely on achieving business goals. Keen to broaden our horizons and seeking new opportunities, we created later exciting video game themes and thrilling sound productions, producing as well our own music.

2. Why Live at the Juke? In other words, why Jukebox Productions?

Jukebox represents indeed an actual jukebox and the large variety of music it delivers. The aim has been always to provide a rich and outstanding content of lyrics, sounds, music passion and everything that comes with it. This is what really defines the distinctive identity of “Jukebox Productions” and “Live at the Juke” variety and uniqueness.

3. What are some of the biggest differences you have seen in this business? Especially when it comes to the music industry in Kuwait?

Music is a universal language. In fact, the music industry includes different systems and is as complicated as music itself. Honestly speaking, the only difference between music companies on the international level is currently how far producers and musicians are willing to take their music. Thanks to digital outlets, music is definitely widespread and traveling to tour becomes much easier than any time before. However, the major differences can be currently attributed to the level of investment in music; huge labels have the capacity to largely invest in musicians, production and tours and to provide agents to manage their investments. This also exists in Kuwait which certainly includes major and unique local talents. In my opinion, Kuwait only lacks of venues and varieties emerging from independent artists locally. However, this reality is changing rapidly.

4. Have you worked with artists who are able to deliver a live performance similar a studio version?

We worked with artists who had way better live presence than studio recording, and vice versa.

Juke Studio
Juke Studio © Juke Production

5. Who in the music industry is making records in Kuwait?

Many musicians are earning a lot of money, even indie musicians with no official publishing or representation. This means that things are currently changing and this reality has yet to be defined. Concerning established local studios and folk musicians, they have been making money for years mostly from live performances. Nevertheless, we have a feeling that is about to change too.

6. How do you describe your time at the studio?

Heaven, hell and everything in between.

7. In your opinion, what classifies as a good mix and a good master?

A good mix is an art form. Producers have to be familiar with the artists’ music, message, vibe, sounds and any signature coming therewith, in addition to the mix tricks adopted to produce these sounds and bring them alive. I think the matter is not about good and bad in mastering; when the mix is perfect, mastering comes only to boost those dynamics. However, when the mix is bad, mastering won’t help in any way. Mixing the songs is as important as the recorded music itself; too many songs have been lost in time due to bad production.

8. Other than YouTube, where can people listen to your episodes?

• Jukebox Productions Facebook page
• Soundcloud
• Buy CDs from the Juke Shop
• Spotify
• Local Kuwait Radio
• Local Dubai Radio

9. What is coming next?

All we can say is that both Boom Beats and Bread n Bricks are recording an artwork, while Temple Tree will be back in Studio early May and we are planning for some Psychedelic music collaborations with many local talents. The new and improved Live at the Juke will be released on March 21 in addition to many other crazy surprises (live appearances) at Jukebox Shows. Stay connected.


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