Fenech-Soler bring the energy in an exclusive set

The UK electropop siblings perform Kaleidoscope and On Top just for you.
By Sammy Lee

Fenech-Soler love naming things after people. Their new album, Zilla, is named after a good mate. The band themselves take their moniker from the surname of now departed drummer Daniel Fenech-Soler.

The British outfit have been making sun-hazed, funk-inflected electro-pop since 2006, but shed two members between the making of their second and third albums. The central duo of brothers Ross and Ben Duffy took the opportunity to refocus – and to dig out an old kids’ keyboard from the family home.

In this week’s See. Hear. Now. session, the siblings describe how On Top came into being via the old instrument’s “faux-vintage synths”, and how bright-eyed and slick-tailed lead single Kaleidoscope became the touchstone for the new album’s sound.

Get to know Fenech-Soler a little better and check out exclusive performances of Kaleidoscope (from 2m 10s) and On Top (7m 45s) in the player above.

Fenech-Soler perform exclusively for RedBull.com
Fenech-Soler perform exclusively for RedBull.com © Greg Barnes / RedBull.com

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